Log Bench or Table – Pölkkypenkki tai -pöytä

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This log bench is from Puusto design.

The wood is spruce and dimensions: high 53 cm, 21 cm x 23 cm. This model is without special finishing like wax. I like that this log is not exact symmetrical. This log is from winter fallen spruce which was located on the shore of Saimaa (the biggest lake in Finland).


You can use this log as a bench or as a small table like in the picture at the front of sofa.

Blog Bench or Table

Candels on the Timber Board – Kynttilöitä leppälaudalla

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This smooth alder timber board is a brilliant chassis for candles. This set-up was on the table during our harvest dinner and created fabulous natural harvest atmosphere.

Kynttilät tällä sileällä leppälaudalla luovat mahtavaa tunnelmaa pöydälle asetettuina tai ikkunalaudalla. Tämä leppälauta kynttilöineen oli sadonkorjuujuhlissa tuomassa luonnon tunnelmaa keskellä ruokapöytää.

Candle on timber board1

Candle on timber board2