Wooden Decoration at Starbucks the Bank Amsterdam

Starbucks coffeehouse in Rembrandt Square in Amsterdam (Starbucks the Bank) has multiple wooden decoration elements. The interior is warm and nice, the most suitable for coffee pleasure.


Long coffee table

A nice idea to have a really long and wide table in a coffeehouse. This table looks as a one piece and has even look a like bark sides. When you look at the table more carefully you can see seams. But still the table is brilliant and from real wood.

Long coffee table Starbucks Amsterdam



Small pieces of timber as a roof

Heads of timber give beautiful feeling, shadows and waves. Pieces are not close to each other without a gap which give more deeply feeling and more shadows.

Roof decoration Starbucks Amsterdam



Wood carving cheese forms as a wall decoration

This Starbucks coffeehouse really has wood everywhere and on the wall there are couple of these kind of wood carving decorations. I am not sure but I think that these are from cheese forms.

Wall decoration 2 Starbucks Amsterdam

Small pieces of timber as a living wall
I have always liked very much of these kind of small heads of timber as a floor or wall or roof material. So live!

Wall decoration Starbucks Amsterdam


Wooden disc table

Wooden disc as a table, what a brilliant idea! Simple and stylish.

Wooden bench Starbucks Amsterdam


General feeling – Wood

There are wood everywhere – I like this a lot!

Wooden interior Starbucks Amsterdam

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